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About us

About us

Welcome to PAYE Umbrella Company

  • We offer automated ONLINE timesheets
  • Expanses and project pay tracking
  • We also offer a full Tax deductible Pension
  • Subsidised Private Medical Insurance for Critical Illness
  • A range of Employee Benefits to fit the needs of our Paye umbrella Company
  • We are HRMC compliant, and only offer a professional service
  • We will insure you as standard
  • Need childcare Vouchers not a problem, we've got it covered
  • If you don't work, you don't pay us.

Professional Services

Clear umbrella is one of the leading UK PAYE umbrella companies offering Freelance Individuals, IT, Accountancy, Finance, Medical and Engineering Contractors a fast, efficient, fully compliant UK based professional employment service.

Clear umbrella will take care of any tax and administrative burdens you my come across whilst operating a Limited Company, we believe this leaves the contractor or freelancer time to enjoy the many features of flexible financing and more money in your pocket.

What’s everyone been saying about us...

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank your entire team for the fabulous service you have provided to me. Your Paye umbrella Company is the best i have ever worked with and your customer service is faultless. I am so pleased i decided to use Clear umbrella during the last year! The level of service both professionally and personally I have received from each member of your staff at Clear umbrella has been superb and I have on a number of occasions recommend you to my work colleagues . All your staff have always made me feel like I am getting a quality service right from the start of my contract. That’s really important to me. Please, please carry on the good work, I’m sure you will, and may i take this opportunity to wish you the greatest of success and i hope to be working with you again when i return to the United Kingdom, buy for now, thank you all once again."

Jane - Contractor

Some kind comments there from one of our many happy contractors “Jane”, as you’ll see she was over the moon with the service we provided, not our works hers. By offering a quality service, with payments to contractors and freelancers in a timely manner, people don’t like waiting around for their money, and why should they. This enables us to gather fantastic referrals from contractors such as Jane, which enables us to further help contractors and freelancers alike to achieve much higher take home pay, which is the most important things.