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PAYE Umbrella Company | Get paid quicker with Clear Umbrella

Whatever industry you work in, or how much your salary is, we believe we can help you save a lot of time and money operating under a paye umbrella company is one of the most tax efficient ways to conduct your finances. Our extensive packages take into account the latest tax legislation, so there is absolutely nothing for you to worry about. We have a team of fully qualified experts ready and waiting to take your call. We keep things simple, and can explain the process in plain English. Tax doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you're a contractor or freelancer you can join our PAYE Umbrella Company today and discover how we're different to other PAYE umbrellas. All we require is your timesheets and any expenses you may have incurred. We will then invoice your client and pay your money directly into your bank account the moment we receive it.

98% of the money received by Clear Umbrella is paid to our contractors the very same day.

In fact, we regularly run 4 to 5 payrolls every single day, and have processed over 1 million transactions since 2008. You can be confident that your hard earned money will be in your bank account the moment you need it, ready for you to get it out and spend it.

Our exclusive benefits:

  • We always give you full employment status benefits
  • We automatically invoice your client, and chase the money on your behalf
  • We obtain the most wages possible
  • We'll even take care of all the hassle on your behalf

If you’re looking for a comprehensive PAYE umbrella service, that will guarantee you complet peace-of-mind, then you need to contact Clear Umbrella today.

  • Up to 87% take home pay from your salary
  • Virtually no forms to fill in - we will even do your tax forms for you
  • Don't worry about your tax! - We constantly keep an eye on all HMRC changes
  • We even send you a confirmation email telling you how much pay you will take home
  • Setup is free and extremely fast - we can set up your paye umbrella company account in a matter of hours!

You deserve the best - let us help you get it!

PAYE umbrella Company
PAYE Umbrella Company